Water Tank Cleaning


We clean water tanks without emptying them.

Tanks can be full or low on water and minimal water loss & disturbance is created during this service.

Our team of specialists for water storage tanks utilises a our proudly developed Zimbabwean invention which enables us to clean the floor, walls and top of a water tank while it is still FULL of water - without disturbing the remaining water and with minimal water loss.

We can clean concrete, plastic, poly, fibreglass, and galvanised iron water tanks.With our innovative system, perfected over a considerable amount of time, we don’t have to get into the tank as has previously been done throughout the years. Previous systems requires to empty out the water and then shovel the build-up of sediment (containing everything imaginable from dirt & leaves, worms, snails, dead birds, rats, Lizards , etc.) into a bucket and then hauling it up out of the tank to be dumped on the ground.

 We can improve poor water quality; i.e. smelly, tainted or discoloured drinking water, and guarantee to remove the build-up of sediment from the floor of your tank even when its FULL, leaving you and your family with clean, clear, safe water.

We vacuum the sediment etc. from the floor of your tank and then add “BACKILL”  to the tank of water to disinfect it and kill the bacteria in the remaining water leaving you with lovely fresh tasting bacterial free water. We do a full report on the pumping equipment tank stand and visible pipes.

Tank cleaning not only keeps the tank clean and safe but prevents the sediment being pumped into your pipes and water heaters.

 We have a solid and growing client base whom we have serviced. Their health and quality of their water has obviously improved substantially.