On-The-Go Electrical Repairs and Installations

Romsnet Electrical Appliance Service strives to be the best.

We are introducing a new and innovative appliance repair service for people on the go! It's fast, it's easy, it's hassle-free!

How does this service work?

Download the form or complete the form on the back of the flyer. Be sure to include all information required.

At the designated drop off point, your appliance and form will be collected from you. No need to leave your car, our staff come to you. Either sms us your licence plate number and we will watch out for you or flash your lights as you come to the drop off point and we will come to you.   You will be issued a formal receipt date stamped and signed by the representative on duty that day.

The appliance will be taken to the repair centre for repair. Once repaired you will be contacted with the cost of the repair. We then pack it for collection.

Where is this service available?

Currently we service persons living in Borrowdale Brooke and whose children go to Heritage School or anyone using Crowhill Road, to travel to and from work daily.

Drop off points and our Staff will be boldly and distinctly marked. Receipts show all our contact details and are Date stamped with our company details and relevant information.

Drop off and pick up points.

The drop off and pick up points are at the top of Crowhill road CLEARLY marked on the drop off days. No goods will be returned unless the signed and stamped receipt is presented. In the event of the original receipt being lost we have a procedure in place to ensure the appliance is returned to the rightful owner. Drop off and pick up  times are between 6:30 am and 8:00 am. 4:00pm and 6:00pm Monday to Friday.

Where are the repairs carried out?

Repairs are carried out at 20 Honey Bear Lane, Borrowdale Harare.

The advantages to you are that you are not paying all the associated costs by calling a professional to your house. Repairs are never undertaken if the cost is more than 50% of the appliance itself. Repairs over 25% of the cost of replacing the appliance are advised before being undertaken. You don’t have to leave the car to drop off or collect. Its quick easy and convenient!

We service and repair all electrical appliances. We will carry out the repair of your appliance in the most efficient and professional manner possible. In the shortest possible time!

We charge a minimum deposit of US$5.00