Energy Audits

When investigating energy use and efficiency, the first step towards understanding the overall picture is through an energy and utility audit. Energy audits can help building owners and managers control energy costs, reduce consumption.

The audit looks at the energy flows within an installation, or a future project, and identifies where energy is used in processes, lighting, heating, ventilation and the like.

Business and Industry face increasing costs because of the rapid rise in the price of energy.  Environmental protection are of increasing importance to consumers and businesses alike. With increasing awareness of renewable energy sources there are numerous opportunities for businesses to invest in new technology to save money and increase efficiency.

Our experienced energy and utility team have provided solutions across a range of industry and business.  We give useful, meaningful advice on energy and utility efficiency. In addition, we are able to advise on the suitability of renewable energy sources for different locations and also on sustainability issues surrounding supply chain, energy use, construction and other areas.

We help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint. By combining sustainability advice we provide the expertise to set you on the road to greater efficiency, cost savings and a green profile.

Broadly speaking, an energy audit is the inspection, survey and analysis of energy use in a building, process or system. The purpose is to find energy conservation measures that, once implemented, will reduce energy costs. it is a data-gathering activity and an analysis of a facility’s energy costs and consumption. An energy audit will also offer a plan that a facility manager can implement to achieve desired energy management goals.

We gather historical energy-usage data and analyse it, study the building and its operational characteristics, identify potential modifications and/or operational changes that will reduce energy use and/or its cost, perform engineering and economic analyses of the potential modifications, prioritize and allocate resources to accomplish energy conservation opportunities, and provide the customer with a complete report.

Our energy audit will address all energy systems from technological, corporate cultural, and operational and maintenance perspectives Any facility or building can benefit from an energy audit.

A better understanding of energy consumption, establishing goals and benchmarks, and having actionable information is the start to the reduction of your energy consumption.