Nkulumane Clinic Bulawayo

Bulawayo Clinic Get Renewable Energy Boost.

Written by Lewis Jones, ZDDT Field Correspondent Wednesday, 01 June 2011 14:01www.zddt.org

BULAWAYO – Residents at Nkulumane had good reason to celebrate recently when a Harare based lighting company, Alternative Energy Consultants (AEC), donated a solar powered geyser and lighting units to the neighbourhood’s largest clinic.

The donation was the culmination of a joint effort between, ZDDT, the City of Bulawayo, AEC, Rotary Club of Borrowdale Brooke and Rotary E Club, London, in the United Kingdom.

Making the presentation was the emotionally overwhelmed Managing Director of AEC, Mr. Rodney Beadon, who explained to guests, the long process that led to the success of the occasion. Mr. Beadon described how he was moved by the plight of patients when he visited the clinic last year, at the invitation of Team ZDDT. “I discovered then, that because of frequent power cuts, there was often no hot water for the delivery of babies in the clinic’s Maternity Ward and staff had to conduct their work using candle light. It shocked me to see candles placed next to oxygen bottles.”

Mr. Beadon described how, through the Rotary Club of Borrowdale Brooke, where he is a member, he successfully managed to persuade sister club, Rotary E to assist by donating funds for the solar powered geyser system. He told the gathering that his company felt compelled to make the donation of lighting units on compassionate grounds, for needs of patients at the clinic, particularly those in the Maternity Ward.

Commenting on the advantages of effective networking, Mr. Beadon remarked; “The aspect of networking actually draws in resources from a broad spectrum and focuses it here at a community facility.” Mr. Beadon said that it was his intention to strengthen his company’s relationship with the local community by ensuring that through further assistance from AEC, The Nkulumane Clinic will eventually become a model health centre that would be self-sufficient in providing its energy needs.

Dr. Zanele Hwalima, Director of the City’s Health Services, received the donation on behalf of the City of Bulawayo, while Cllr. Norman Hlabani from neighbouring Ward 26, stood in as representative for the Mayor, Cllr. P.T. Moyo of Ward 25 where the clinic is located.

During an interview later, Dr. Hwalima expressed her joy as a result of the presentation. She explained that she also felt relieved, because, though a necessity, it was often difficult for her to make constant enquiries on conditions at the clinic, as she believed that such action could prove to be de-motivational to staff at the health facility.

Dr. Hwalima said that she had made numerous representations to the City Council concerning the facility’s plight, and almost always received a response in reference to economic constraints. She added however, that the kind gesture shown by well-wishers concerned contributed immensely towards a satisfactory solution and expressed deep gratitude to those involved.

The event, according to the Trust’s National Development Officer, Simon Spooner, was an excellent example of the successful realisation of a great idea that effectively utilised ZDDT’s SEBENZELA/ work for … concept. He added that the occasion should be viewed as a source of deep gratification for Team members who were involved in ensuring its success.